Baofeng UV-5RA

DSCF0003 (3)

First of all I picked up one of these radios from an estate and I was not happy with this stupid software and cord, that they supply with the radio (chirp) I think that’s what they endorse, first of all take it and throw it in the nearest garbage bin because that where it belongs. Not a fan of it and never will be.

This radio was programed with the old software (chirp) by the current owner and he messed up the radio programing badly.

After I reset the radio and reprogrammed it with real RT Software the radio works great now.

So then I recommend RT system’s BAO-5R it will work on all firmware upgrades and comes with a cord that will work, no screwing around. you will need to buy it as it is not free like that other one and you can see why once you change over to the best.

By the way I do not work for or sell anything that is manufactured by RT Systems, just a seasoned user that doesn’t want to spend hours playing with someones software that won’t work anyways.