I’m running a Linksys WRT54GS V.4 ve3vxy-node1, this project is mounted on top of my tower running into one omni directional and the other output into a yagi. There will be IP camera installed, the antenna and camera will be on a antenna router.

MESH Network 023MESH Network 024

Interior View, The Linksys PC board has been removed from it original casing and mounted directly into the enclosure, The 12volt battery has been removed for the photo, it sits in front and over the connectors on and interior panel. A solar cell provides 12 volts for charging and power supply.

MESH Network 026MESH Network 025

Here is a view of the cabinet and a bottom view of the connectors.

The second Linksys WRT54GS V.1 ve3vxy-node2, is connected to my Raspberry Pi running Asterisk/FreePBX.

FreePBX 031FreePBX 032

This next photo is with a RasClock installed. I indorse the use of a Hardware clock. I have no more trouble in disconnecting and moving the RasPBX, I have use it with no internet connection and It work flawlessly. One of the best additions you can make.

FreePBX 033

The VOIP phone system is now running great, I now have the GrandStream and the Cisco 7940 phones up and operational.

I would like to thank Paul KF5JIM for all the hard work with helping me to configure and setup of the GrandStream & Cisco phones, also thanks to Jim K5KTF for all the hard work he has done.

MESH Network 021

This project is linked to the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, with members involvement we hope to have Scarborough and East Toronto all linked together and hope that the surrounding townships get involved.

The next project that I’m working on is setting up the BeagleBone Black with Asterisk for BeagleBone Black

The display 4DCAPE-43 that is attached to the BBB is from 4D Systems

FreePBX 028FreePBX 030

FreePBX 029

I also working on setting up the Ubiquiti NanoBridgeM

Ubiquiti 002

Ubiquiti 001

Canadian Supplier for Ubiquiti Equipment

More info will follow.

For more information go to Broadband-Hamnet ™ HSMM-MESH ™