VE3VXY is my Amateur Radio call sign. I have two other call signs VE3CIW and VE3VXZ.



I have been interested in this hobby for a very long time but never had the time before, This is something that I should have done in the seventies, The fun that I missed all those years ago.

My 900MHz Radios that I run and the frequencies installed in my radios

CH1 – 924.500 – SIMPLEX
CH2 – 924.525 – SIMPLEX
CH3 – 924.550 – SIMPLEX
CH4 – 924.575 – SIMPLEX
CH5 – 909.500 TX / 921.500 RX
CH6 – 910.000 TX / 922.000 RX
CH7 – 909.000 TX / 921.000 RX
CH8 – 908.875 TX / 920.875 RX
CH9 – 908.850 TX / 920.850 RX
CH10 – 908.750 TX / 920.750 RX
The radios that I use are
Motorola GTX
Model No M11WGD4CB1AN
The 4th character must be “W” for 900MHz = 896-941 MHz
If the 5th digit is a “R” then it is a 30watt radio
If it’s a GTX LTR
The 9th digit will be “U”
Make sure that the radio comes with the accessory plug, if it does not you will need one.
They are available at Digi-Key
16 position Connector Housing w/latch .100 Digi-Key P/N: 104422-1-ND
Connector Socket 20-24AWG Tin Crimp Digi-Key P/N: A3007-ND